So what is “A is for Ale”?

“A is for Ale” is a once a year meeting place for men to do what men like to do-  enjoy good beer, good food and great conversation with their mates. But it’s different from the local bistro, as the beers are tasted and explained, the meeting place is a church hall, the mates are a mixture of church lads and their friends and the topic of religion is well worth a good chat about.

 A is for Ale – International Beer Tasting and Trivia Night

At the 2009 event Pat Alexander (the man behind the music and lyrics of Slim Dusty’s iconic song “I’d Love to Have a Beer with Duncan”) shared his story of how he was introduced to the real Jesus over a cold one … or two.

With a range of fine beers selected from the world’s most famous breweries and accompanied by complementary food, the ‘A is for Ale’ night is a great event for all who want to enjoy a relaxed and responsible night out with the opportunity to think and talk about the ‘bigger’ things of life.


All alcohol served at this event is monitored and controlled to ensure punters stay under the limit throughout the evening. St. Luke’s staff and ‘A is for Ale’ event organisers encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol at all times.